Best Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore

The Best Money Lenders in Singapore

To date, there are around 154 licensed moneylenders in Singapore, and all of them claim to be the best. That is why it is quite tough to find a trustworthy, reliable, and reasonable moneylender, especially when you urgently want a fast cash loan. Our research team is trying to make your job easier by doing the entire research work for you and finding the best money lenders for you.

You need to note here that not all the money lenders fulfill the criteria of being the best one. There are a few essential factors which must be met:

  • The percentage of positive reviews is the first and foremost indication that a money lender falls into a good criterion. These reviews can be found on various websites
  • Moneylenders need to have over eight years of experience to be counted as useful.
  • There shouldn’t be an overloading of bad reviews on forums, directories, and other sites.

If a moneylender can accomplish these main factors, you can include them in the top money lenders list.

Let’s see what we have here for you!

Top 5 Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore

If you are looking for reputable licensed money lenders? You don’t need to search anymore because we have compiled a list of the top 5 and the best money lenders in Singapore.

1. Crawfort Singapore

Singapore’s Fastest-Growing Micro Financing Company

Crawfort Singapore

Crawfort Finance is one of the most famous and reputable money lenders in Singapore. It is a well-established and trustworthy financial institution that is working intending to provide affordable money lending solutions to everyone in Singapore. At Crawfort, you can find the lowest starting rates and easy accessibility. It also fulfills one of the most critical factors of highest positive rating and enjoys 4.8 ratings from customers and consumers. This positive rating is also a proof that the company takes care of the priority of its customers.

Another most significant feature of Crawfort is that their turnaround time is concise, and you don’t have to wait for days or months to get your loan application approved. They have digitalised the entire loan process. Their workflow is highly efficient as well as convenient. All you need to do is to submit your loan application either on their website or by visiting them personally. After the submission of the use, you will receive the status of your application in less than an hour. That is all! You only need to visit Crawfort and get your funds right away!

Crawfort - Best Licensed Money Lender Singapore
Singapore Prestige Brand Gold Awards 2019

The easiness at the end of users is the main factor why this company is so famous in Singapore. Other than these aspects, Crawfort has a highly-trained workforce. Their staff is highly professional and friendly. All the processes will guide you in detail. Thus, the entire process of money lending using this company is just a click away! Due to the same reason, Crawfort has a diverse pool of consumers from all areas of life. No matter you have poor credit or you need money instantly, Crawfort is always there to offer you fast cash in a quick time without any strict terms and conditions.

Crawfort aspire to be a trusted brand in Singapore known for viable financial solutions for individuals faced with limited credit access. In 2019, they have earned a spot on the list of Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2019.

Crawfort (Singapore) Contact Details

  • Moneylender License Number : 97/2019
  • Address : 1, North Bridge Road, #01-35, High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
  • Telephone : 67778080
  • Website :

2. Credit Hub Capital

Let’s move to the next and one of the best money lenders in Singapore, known as “Credit Hub Capital.” This company is also counted as the top-rated company due to the immense benefits it provides. Credit Hub Capital is working intending to ease the loan process in Singapore. We all are aware that acquiring a loan in Singapore is no less than a nightmare, especially when you have low credit. To eliminate this complication and to help the customers, this company is offering amazing features.

First of all, you don’t need to keep waiting for days and weeks to receive your loan approval. Secondly, you won’t be paying any interest rates if you choose this company. This company is entirely different from many other money lending companies in Singapore in many ways. It gives you access to fast cash in less than an hour. Their interest rates and minimal and highly competitive. Moreover, they don’t charge hefty fees from you like many other money lenders in the market as well as banks. Furthermore, the repayment schedules are also fixed, and you get 100% privacy and confidentiality when you choose this moneylender.

No matter you are looking for a personal loan or a business loan, Credit Hub Capital will treat you like an individual. Their knowledgeable, friendly, and trained agents will help you pick the best package according to your needs. Unlike other local money lenders who don’t expose the terms and conditions in advance, this money lender does the opposite. You will be informed about all the terms in advance. Moreover, their customer service is very active, and you will receive a prompt reply to all your queries and confusion.

One of the best aspects of Credit Hub Capital is that it is licensed and registered by the registry of money lenders and functions in compliance with law and order.

To apply for a loan with Credit Hub Capital, you need to fill in your application and submit it. After submission, you will get an appointment to collect your cash!

Loans They Offers:

  • Flexi Personal Loan
  • Quick Payday Loan
  • Debt Consolidation Loan
  • Short-term Business Loan

Contact Details

  • Moneylender License Number : 139/2019
  • Address : 190 Middle Road, #10-01A Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979
  • Telephone : 6338 5115
  • Website :

3. Credit Excel Capital

The third best money lender company on our list is Credit Excel Capital. To keep your daily business activities running and help you meet your expenses, Credit Excel Capital is one of the best choices you can make. This company offers fast and efficient loan approval and also provides monthly installments loans as well as very low-interest rates. Due to these reasons, the number of happy customers working with Credit Excel Capital is increasing day by day.

It is also one of those companies which enjoy a vast experience of more than nine years. That is why it also has an excellent reputation in the market and provides personal as well as payday loans at very low rates.

Credit Excel Capital is not only working for the locals, but it is also helping the foreigners to meet their needs in tough times. It is working with a mission to help everyone residing in Singapore, whether local or foreigner. Moreover, their procedures and processes are hassle-free, fast, and straightforward. Just like the previous two companies, their staff is highly friendly as well as experienced and will help you even on Sundays.

This money lending company also promises to keep all your information confidential, and there will be no disclosure in any case without your consent. Therefore, you shouldn’t even think twice before availing of the services of Credit Excel Capital. You can avail fast cash loans, quick payday loans, business loans, and personal loans using their services.

To access their services, you need to fill out their online application and get approval within half an hour. Even if you have a low income, Credit Excel Capital will accommodate your needs!

It offers:

  • Personal loan
  • Fast Payday loan
  • Business loan

Contact Details

  • Moneylender License Number : 123/2019
  • Address : 192 Waterloo Street#06-03 Skyline Building, Singapore 187966
  • Telephone : 6337005
  • Website :

4. QV Credit

The next excellent money lending company on the list is QV Credit. It is one of those great companies with no hidden costs and easy to understand terms and conditions and lots of amazing packages. There are absolutely no surprises after you are done with the process.

It offers an easy and straightforward online application with fast approval. Moreover, even if you have a low income, you are eligible for this loan. The company offers:

  • Personal loans
  • Payday loans
  • Foreigner loans
  • Business loans
  • Housing loans
  • Renovation loans
  • Wedding loans
  • Fast, urgent, cash loans
  • Bad credit loans
  • Installment loans
  • Short terms loans
  • Debt consolidation loans

Contact Details

  • Moneylender License Number : 123/2019
  • Address : 175A Bencoolen Street #11-08 Burlington Square Singapore 189650
  • Telephone : 6100 8655
  • Email :
  • Website :

5. Cash Mart

The last great company is Cash Mart. Same as other money lending companies we have mentioned before, this company also offers quick and easy services. With more than 50,000 customers, this company enjoys a rating of 9.5/10. Moreover, it is also an A+ rating. You can avail the following types of loans using this company:

  • Payday loans
  • Business loans
  • Personal loans
  • Car loans
  • Foreigner loans
  • Flexi loans

Contact Details

  • Moneylender License Number : 157/2018
  • Address : 277 Balestier Road, Singapore 329726
  • Telephone : 6397 4111
  • Email :
  • Website :
Things to consider before choosing a money lender

Things to consider before choosing a money lender

There are many fraudulent actions when it comes to money lenders in Singapore. That is why the Ministry of Law in Singapore has defined some rules which need to follow by all the money lenders. These guidelines are also made available to the public so that everyone can be aware of the money lending activities to prevent falling victim to fraud.

Guidelines on Moneylending

  • If a moneylending company grants you loan regardless of how much you earn in a year, then you will have to pay a maximum of 4% interest rate every month.
  • It is a requirement for the license lenders to calculate the amount of interest-based on reducing the balance. It means that they should charge you with an interest rate of 4% on the repayment every month.
  • A money lender can charge you only a 10% fee as administrative charges. This fee is paid immediately.
  • Only $60 per month is charged from you if you make a late repayment.
  • The interest rate on late repayments is charged only till they remain unpaid.
  • The cost of loan borrowing should not be more than the total principal loan.

How to protect yourself from illegal and fraudulent money lenders?

To protect yourself from illegal money lenders, you must check whether they are licensed or not. It is easy to obtain proof of their licensing. There are more than 150 licensed money lenders, so you have got a lot of options to choose from. Licensed money lenders are those who fulfill all the requirements by the Ministry for moneylending.

Another way to point out legal money is that a legitimate lender will never hide the terms and conditions from you and will give you time to read them so that you can sign a contract. So, make sure you read and understand the requirements before moving ahead.

Thirdly, a legal money lender will only take a 10% fee (of the principal amount) from you. Moreover, also check out the reviews of moneylenders before choosing one.

Following are a few suggestions to prevent falling victim to illegal money lenders:

  • Requesting you to transfer them for a loan processing admin fee upfront
  • Asking to share your SingPass User ID or password (Never share your credentials)
  • Giving you a blank paper to sign the contract
  • Providing your contract to sign without giving you the terms and conditions first
  • Sending you SMS to advertise their company and services
  • Approving your loan application immediately over the phone or even on SMS

If you encounter any of the above, you are in the wrong hands!

The way how a money lender advertises also says a lot. A legal an authentic money lender will only advertise on:

  • Their website
  • Consumer directories or business directories
  • Advertisements outside the physical office

The advertisements coming from emails, flyers, and SMS are an indication of a false moneylender.

So, before heading to get your loan from a moneylender, you need to:

  • Prepare all your necessary documentation to complete the paperwork
  • Your proof of residency such a letter from the landlord with your name and address are written on it.
  • Your identity or proof of verification.
  • Your appointment letter from the office
  • Your payslip (must not be 3-months old)

If you are foreigner, then you need to show:

  • Employment pass or work permit
  • Passport
  • Proof of employment like a company or staff pass, appointment letter and payslip
  • Proof of your residency
  • A bank account statement (in your salary bank)

Keep in mind that a reputable and licensed moneylender will never ask you to provide your password.

Thus, if you want profit for your business or need money, then you should only go to legal moneylenders. We have compiled all this information for you to save from the hassle of finding an excellent moneylender from the comfort of your home.